The wallpaper section has grown quite large with the addition of the Kamikaze art so the older images will have smaller thumbnails to preserve space.

Here's a sampling of my Kamikaze art/wallpapers:

chrysanthemum bomb Hiku image bisected japan Truman
White Devil Yellow Devil samurai image fenced kami monotone kamikaze
base kami thumbnail of third kamikaze image thumbnail of second kamikaze image thumbnail of first kamikaze image
thumbnail of top secret image thumbnail of mounted image thumbnail of fantasy hardback cover thumbnail of maple leaf
thumbnail of avatar wallpaper thumbnail of not crazy wallpaper thumbnail of evidence wallpaper thumbnail of lovenote wallpaper
  thumbnail of Give 'em hell johnny wallpaper thumbnail of promo.  



MarylandManson's Kamikaze Art/wallpapers:

slide 1 slide 2 slide3 slide 4
Slide 5 Slide 6 kami kami
kami kami kami5 kami6
kami7 Slide 7 kami8 MM WP 1
mm wp 2 oink oinka Evil Eye
MM Cutthroat image Ripper fan image by MM Ripper fan image by MM Evil Eye
Evil Eye Evil Eye  



Krista in MA's Kamikaze images and wallpapers:

  kim kami1 kim kami2  
headhunter1 headhunter 2 headhunter3 headhunter4
swastika1 swastika2 warwall swastika3



Wallpapers by Steelclaw32:

x marks the spot bon ghoul



Wallpapers by TBLightning492:

TBL Image TBL Image TBL Image
TBL Image   TBL Image