Slade Art was created for the hosting and display of fan art based on the novels of Michael Slade and created by the Sladists from Special X (The official Michael Slade site).

All of the Crucified art is still here and now we have a new page for art work based on and inspired by Red Snow.

I'd like to extend my thanks to all of the Sladists who have created, and allowed me to display their art work, to Eric the webmaster on Specialx.net for creating such a great environment for the fans, and to Michael Slade himself for creating such a rich and immersive universe that continues to attract new Sladists.

With a new book on the way we need some new art! Let's get busy!

If you would like to show your support for Slade Art, I have added a "donate" button to the menu bar on the left. This button goes through PayPal and is a secure system, Slade Art will never have access to any of your private information. Any donations to Slade Art will be used solely to aide in the maintenance of this web site which will help speed up upgrades, and new content.

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